• RELEASE2018.11
  • MATERIALPorcelain
  • TECHNIQUEImari ware
  • MAKERHataman Toen
  • REGIONImari, Saga


Where the craft is born.

An elegant craftsmanship and perspective we found though creation.

Hataman Toen

The Imari ware porcelain tradition, located in Okawauchiyama, Imari dates back to over 300 years ago. Under the patronage of the Nabeshima clan, the pottery made here was used to create gifts and the finest offerings for the shogunate and continues to create the highest grade porcelain. Hataman Toen, founded in 1926, is constantly striving for new innovation and creation of new style of Imari ware while preserving traditions of the past.

Photographer : Yuki Tsunesumi